HS3 Synology Surveillance Station plugin

This plugin allows for seamless integration of the Synology Surveillance Station with HomeSeer3.

Currently it supports:

  • View status of cameras (disconnected/disabled/Connected)
  • Enable or disable a camera
  • Take a camera snapshot
  • Move camera to PTZ preset
  • Trigger events when motion is detected

At least version 4.5 of the .NET runtime environment is required. The plugin is tested on Windows, Linux support is not yet verified.

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Use Raspberry PI’s GPIO in HomeSeer3

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with the aim of making it my new HomeSeer3 ‘box’. Previously I ran HS3 in a Windows 7 virtual machine on an ESXI server. However, that server had to be repurposed for my security cam system (using BlueIris). Furthermore, I had an Arduino (and ofcourse the Arduino HS3 plugin) in the utility closet to interface with my alarm system and automated gate. The final goal was to have everything combined in to 1 system, so using the GPIO of the RPI (running HS3) to replace the Arduino.

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PebSeer Beta – v0.2


  • Fixed ‘read only’ devices
  • Popup to display messages (Loading, running event, …)
  • Fix crash if status was empty
  • Added “groups” for items in window
  • Store config in status field of HomeSeer device (using the device type field is now depricated)
  • Google Analytics for tracking usage of the app (anonymously!)

PS_loadingPS_groups PS_controlled
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PebSeer Beta – Control HomeSeer from your wrist

As a Pebble and HomeSeer user, I’ve been busy writing an application which allows me to control my home automation system from my wrist. At the moment it is able to display a customizable (multi-screen) configuration, view status of devices, control devices and run events.

It’s been running for a couple of weeks on my Pebble Steel in combination with a Nexus 5. At the moment it is being beta tested by a couple of users from the HomeSeer forums. People interested in beta testing the application can send an email to pebseer @ this domain name. Do not forget to mention your platform (iOS/Android) and the number of devices in your HomeSeer configuration.

PS_screen_loading PS_screen_mainPS_screen_lightsPS_screen_lights_control

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