PebSeer Beta – v0.2


  • Fixed ‘read only’ devices
  • Popup to display messages (Loading, running event, …)
  • Fix crash if status was empty
  • Added “groups” for items in window
  • Store config in status field of HomeSeer device (using the device type field is now depricated)
  • Google Analytics for tracking usage of the app (anonymously!)

PS_loadingPS_groups PS_controlled
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PebSeer Beta – Control HomeSeer from your wrist

As a Pebble and HomeSeer user, I’ve been busy writing an application which allows me to control my home automation system from my wrist. At the moment it is able to display a customizable (multi-screen) configuration, view status of devices, control devices and run events.

It’s been running for a couple of weeks on my Pebble Steel in combination with a Nexus 5. At the moment it is being beta tested by a couple of users from the HomeSeer forums. People interested in beta testing the application can send an email to pebseer @ this domain name. Do not forget to mention your platform (iOS/Android) and the number of devices in your HomeSeer configuration.

PS_screen_loading PS_screen_mainPS_screen_lightsPS_screen_lights_control

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