PebSeer Beta – v0.2


  • Fixed ‘read only’ devices
  • Popup to display messages (Loading, running event, …)
  • Fix crash if status was empty
  • Added “groups” for items in window
  • Store config in status field of HomeSeer device (using the device type field is now depricated)
  • Google Analytics for tracking usage of the app (anonymously!)

PS_loadingPS_groups PS_controlled

The JSON configuration should no longer be placed in the device type of a HomeSeer device. Instead, you should now put it in the status of a device. Reading the JSON configuration data from the device type is depricated and will be removed in one of the following PebSeer releases.

Items can be grouped into so-called sections in the UI. The sections property can be placed where the items property is in the window configuration. A section has a title property and an array of item objects in the items property.
In the screenshot of my configuration below, you can see that I have defined a window with 2 sections: “Kitchen” and “Actions”. Inside these sections, you see the normal definition of items again.

For reference, I created a sample configuration which you can download here.

Google Analytics was added to have an idea of how much the app is used. It only logs:

  • when the application is started
  • when a device is being controlled
  • when an event is executed

It does not log which device is being controlled, or which event is being executed. It only logs that the action was executed, nothing else.

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